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Dr. Norma Haar, DC

I had never been to a chiropractor until I was in my early 30’s and suffering from terrible headaches that no medicine would help. I was selling real estate in Houston and taking courses in main-stream health care when I met a husband-and-wife chiropractor team that changed my life and my career choice. When I saw what they could do without drugs and surgery, I knew that was the path I wanted to take.

Dr. Larry Marklin, DC

“I was hit from the rear; it was only a minor fender-bender. Why am I having such bad headaches now?” That was my very first experience with a chiropractor in St. Louis. I was young, thought I knew it all, received some treatments from the chiropractor but didn’t really understand what was going on and how the treatments were helping me. I would have to wait at least another ten years to get the rest of the story! I had gone through several careers as an engineer and sales rep.